It is a laboratory in which medical examinations and analyzes are performed to obtain information about a patient’s health status for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, or disease prevention. 

 The Green City for Medical Analysis provides its various services to its individual patients, companies, doctors, hospitals and other medical laboratories by its highly qualified team through certificates and continuous courses to reach the highest amount of experiences and deal with the latest and most accurate international devices and deal with the event in all surrounding circumstances

The Green City Medical Analysis Laboratory is distinguished by the provision of free sampling service from homes, and depends in its work on the patient’s unified electronic medical file system, the service of issuing the results electronically on the Internet and the private website, and via e-mail, in addition to the service that enables the customer to follow the results of his medical examinations on His cell phone through WhatsApp. 

House Call Service 

The free house call service allows for the convenient collection of test specimens from homes or work places. The samples are then safely transported to green city lab for testing with During the specified time period and free service, call us at 0798659349   

Online Results 

Green city lab patients can access their results and full medical records securely online at  or through green city lab  WhatsApp 

Results you can count on

HumaCount 80TS | 30TS

Advantages of a 3-part diff system

in comparison to blood smears
> Faster reporting time
> Less experienced staff needed
> Higher throughput

Clear, logically arranged interface

> Easy diagnosis with ICON based software
> Ideal overview with 22 parameters including
histograms and flags at a glance
> QC module ensures reliable results
> Flexible connectivity options:
LIS/HL7 bidirectional interface or USB ports


Reliable and robust, proven worldwide

> Thousands of installed systems worldwide
confirm the system’s robustness
> Heat-stable reagents – storage up to 42 ° C
> Reliable results with dedicated reagents and controls
> Anti-clogging technology means increased
analyzer up time


Unlimited possibilities

> With the optional solar panel and battery system,
ideal for remote areas
> Cost efficient WBC-only sample mode
(no reagent for RBC, PLT parameters)
> Veterinary mode*